Check the dates of the Summer Holidays for AP students – 2023 (ప్రభుత్వ సెలవులు)

Summer Holidays for AP Schools: The state of Andhra Pradesh has announced summer break for AP schools from 30 April 2023 to 11 June, 2023. All schools received a break from June 11, 2023, until April 30, 2023. June 11 is the day that schools resume. April 30 marks the end of the academic year 2022–2023. Summer Break 2023 for AP Summer vacation for teachers and students in grades 1 through 9 at AP schools May 20th Summer vacations will be taken by AP students from April 30 to June 11, 2023, according to the Andhra Pradesh State Government. The academic year 2022–2023 came to an end on April 30 2023. Next Schools Strat for the academic year 2022–2023 is July 4, 2023.

Many students and their parents start to wonder what is in store for them as the summer break draws closer. One thing is certain: schools are getting ready to let out, whether students choose to stay put or take a vacation. Prior to that, it’s crucial to be aware of the dates and locations of the AP School summer breaks. So read on to learn everything there is to know!

AP School Summer holidays

Andhra Pradesh’s School Education Commissioner S Suresh Kumar made the declaration on Sunday, April 30, the first day of the summer holiday. Schools would return on June 11 to start the 2023–24 academic year, according to a circular from Suresh. All tests for the 2023 academic year would be finished by April 28 and the baseline English assessment would be finished on April 29.

Beginning on Monday, the American School in Paris (AP) will be closed for the summer break. Beginning on Monday, June 5 at 8:00 a.m., classes will resume, and until Tuesday, September 3, the regular class and test schedule will be in place. AP students may request a “summer vacation” grade, which counts as three credit hours towards graduation requirements and may be used to fulfil elective credits outside the regular curriculum if desired, if they have completed all of their exams and are not taking any additional exams during this break. If a student withdraws or leaves without giving notice, they will not get academic credit for their absence and will need to reapply through the admissions procedure if they want to return in the future.

AP పాఠశాల వేసవి సెలవుల వివరాలు

AP పాఠశాల వేసవి సెలవుల కోసం కథనం, వేసవి సెలవుల తేదీల వివరాలను తనిఖీ చేయండి AP స్కూల్ వేసవి సెలవులు, వేసవి సెలవుల తేదీల వివరాలను తనిఖీ చేయండి ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి వర్గం టైమ్ టేబుల్, ట్రెండింగ్ అధికారిక వెబ్‌సైట్ ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి.

For the Academic Year 2022–2023, the Andhra Pradesh School Education Department has announced summer vacation for Classes 1–10 from April 30 to June 11 for all those schools operating under all managements, and specific instructions have been issued on AP School Summer Vacation in 2023.

Beginning on April 30, Andhra Pradesh State schools will be closed for the summer.
The reopening of schools on June 11 for the 2022–23 school year would start.
By April 28, 2022–2023, all exams for the school year would be over. The baseline English assessment would take place on April 29.

Teachers would have until May 20 to complete summative assessment exam evaluation and begin applying for classes for the following school year. The academic calendar for the year was set at 188 working days. The final summative evaluation tests for the year started on April 23 and ended on May 4.

The Director of SCERT is also asked to create a thorough academic calendar defining the offline education activities that will be undertaken out for all classrooms starting on July 4. For SSC pupils, the accountable headmasters are required to give the kids the required academic help within the specified time limit.

The personnel and headmasters of all government schools must also abide by the periodic directives of the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Director, Mid Day Meal, and Advisor, School Infra regarding Manabadi: Nadu Nedu, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, and Jagananna Vidya Kanuka.

AP Schools Summer Holidays Announced

We are very happy to announce the summer break schedule for the AP Schools for this year. The kids will have a break from June 26 to August 3, 2022, and they will have the opportunity to travel and experience various cultures and societies. Visits to Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina are among the destinations on the programme. We anticipate that the children will learn more about who they are and what makes them special as a result of this year’s topic, “Discovering Yourself.”

AP School Holidays List 2023 AP School Summer Holidays

We hope that you have a wonderful and safe summer! The school will be closed during the religious ceremonies this year, but we are open from the 22nd of May to 21st of August. Please visit our website or contact us directly for more information about this year’s summer vacation dates and other important details. Thank you for your understanding!

When do the summer Holidays for AP students end?

Students in the AP School’s summer break will end on Thursday, August 8. As soon as possible, inform the school of your plans so that preparations can be made. Visit our website or email us at for further details.


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