Download Lesson Plans for 2023 by subject and grade level from this page

Download Lesson Plans for 2023 by subject and grade level from this page

Under the Tholimettu Programme 2023 or The First Step Programme 2023, SCERT Telangana has created subject-specific lesson plans as well as class-specific lesson plans on behalf of FLN Mission. Candidates can download the subject- and class-specific unit plans from the provided websites.

Here are lesson plans that are broken down by day and by period. A unit plan describes how every activity within a unit is carefully planned out for the instructors to carry out in the classroom. The teacher’s current teaching and learning techniques must be modified to work with the textbooks that the new curriculum requires.

To meet the established educational criteria, the shift is even more crucial. Every teacher must be aware of the curriculum and the educational criteria that must be met; as a result, they must carefully examine the units and create lesson plans.

Period Plan Year Plan Unit Plan

  • yearly plans(Lesson-wise plans) Lesson plans Day-by-Day Plans
  • Yearly Lesson Plans Weekly Plans (Plans organised by chapter)
  • [Day-by-Day/Period-by-Period Lesson Plans]MC Smart Plans

Mathematical Unit Plans Mathematical Subject Plans
2023 First Grade Math Lesson Plans Second Grade Math Lesson Plans 2023
Plans for third-grade math lessons 2023 Lesson Plans for 4th Grade Math 2023 Year Plans 2023 5th Class Math Lesson Plans 2023

Download full unit plans from this page

Subject SCERT Total Unit Plans by Subject

  • 1st  and 2nd grade maths Download all of the SCERT 1st and 2nd class maths unit plans from this page.
  • Download the unit plans for the first- and second-class English subjects over at SCERT.
  • All Unit Plans for Telugu Language, First and Second Classes, SCERT Download this.
  • English SCERT for grades 3, 4, and 5 Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade English Download all unit plans from this page.
  • 3, 4, and 5th Grade EVS SCERT All Unit Plans for the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades in EVS are Available Here
  • Math for grades 3, 4, and 5SCERT All Unit Plans for Math in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades Can Be Obtained Here.
  • Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Telugu SCERT 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Telugu Subject All Unit Plans to Download

Model Lesson/Weekly Schedule

Class Subject Topic Teaching Days: Five-day / period-by-period schedule
teacher reactions
preparation of teachers and acquisition of additional information
The aforementioned schedule of five days per week should be taken into consideration when creating a weekly or lesson plan.

Lesson Plan The lesson plan basically lays out what the instructor expects to accomplish during the course of the lesson and how they plan to accomplish it. They are typically written down, but they are not required to be. It may be desirable or necessary for new or inexperienced teachers to create very thorough lesson plans that clearly depict what is occurring at any given moment in time.


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