CDMA TS Property Tax Online Payment for the Year 2023

CDMA TS Property Tax Online Payment for the Year 2023

The CDMA Telangana website,, offers an online service for paying TS Property Tax or TS House Tax for the year 2023.

Telangana residents can quickly pay their property taxes online through the CDMA TS Property Tax Payment web portal by using their Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN).

Every property owner has the obligation to pay their property taxes. The obligation to pay the property tax on time is mandated by law. If you don’t, you risk fines, penalties, and even legal action. At,

The conventional method of paying property tax or municipal tax, however, entails lengthy lines, onerous paperwork, and a significant amount of time and effort. However, the CDMA TS Property Tax Payment system now allows property owners to pay their taxes online, owing to technology.

CDMA TS Property Tax Online Payment System: What Is It?

An online platform called CDMA TS Property Tax Online Payment System (Municipal Tax Payment System) was created to let property owners in Telangana, India, pay their property taxes electronically.

The platform is a project of the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA) and the Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) department in Telangana.

The goal of the CDMA TS online payment system is to make property owners’ property tax payments simple and effective. Property tax is due if you own real estate in the state of Telangana. Tax payments used to be made in person at municipal offices.

However, you may now pay your property taxes online from the convenience of your home thanks to the launch of the CDMA TS Property Tax Online Payment system.

We will provide you a thorough explanation of how to pay your property tax or municipal tax online in Telangana State on this page.

To make paying property taxes simple and convenient, the Telangana government developed the CDMA (Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration) TS Property Tax Payment Online system in 2016.

You can use this system to make online property tax payments at any time, from any location. The Telangana State property tax payment procedure has been streamlined thanks to the safe and user-friendly CDMA TS Property Tax Payment system.

Property Tax Payment on the PhonePe App | Timely Online Municipal Tax Payment

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Subject: TS House Tax Payment 2023

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TS Property Tax Payment Link: Telangana Property Tax Payment

Qualifications for Online Property Tax Payment

You must be eligible in order to pay your property tax online in Telangana State.

  • You must be the property’s owner.
  • The property must be situated in a city or other corporate region.
  • Your property must have a Unique Property Identification Code (UPIC).
  • How do I register to pay my CDMA TS property tax?
  • Follow these procedures to sign up for CDMA TS Property Tax Payment:

Visit the Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) Department’s official website.

  • The “Property Tax” tab can be found on the homepage.
  • Choose the town or company where your property is situated.
  • After entering your UPIC, select “Get Details.”
  • Check your property’s specifics.
  • Specify your personal information,
  • Type in your contact information, including your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Make a password and user ID.
  • To finish the registration procedure, click “Submit”.

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