GO 64 AP Employees Transfers Guidelines 2017 AP Employees Transfers Schedule

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GO 64 AP Employees Transfers Guidelines 2017 AP Employees Transfers Schedule

GO 64 AP Employees Transfers Guidelines 2017 AP Employees Transfers Schedule. Public Services – Human Resources – Transfers and Postings of Employees – Guidelines / Instructions – Orders –Issued. G.O.Ms.No. 64.                    Dated:21.04.2017. Guidelines for AP Employees Transfers 2017. Rules for Andhra Pradesh Employees Transfers for 2017. The relaxation on transfers shall be effective from 25th April,2017 to 24th May, 2017. All AP Employees transfers shall be done on the basis of performance based counselling in a transparent manner. Performance Criteria for various categories of employees shall be evolved by the competent authorities. Wherever required, self-appraisal may be obtained quickly from the employees.

AP Government Employees Transfers and Postings Guidelines and Instructions have been issued as per the GO Ms No.64 Dt:21/04/2017. The Ban on Transfers and Postings relaxed from 25th April 2017 to 24th May 2017. Employee has to complete minimum 3 years’ service as on 1st April 2017 to apply for transfers and no person has to be retained in same work place more than 5 years. In this regard as per GO.64 certain guidelines and instructions has been issued for smooth conducting of AP Govt Employees Transfers. The transfers guidelines and instructions area as follows. 

Main Principles of Transfers and Postings

  1. Minimum service required for applying request transfers is 3 years as on 1st April 2017
  2. Employees who has completed 5 years of service at a work place as on 1st April 2017, must apply for transfers and should not retain beyond 5 years.
  3. Employees who has completed two years’ service in ITDA areas shall be transferred to non-ITDA areas.
  4. Preference will be given to the disabilities, Husband and Wife, Employees having mentally challenged children, widow employees and medical grounds.
  5. Preference shall be given to the employees with longest duty tenure at a particular duty station.
  6. Seniority and Performance will be considered for transfers and postings.
  7. Vacancies at Notified Agency areas will be filled at first, later filled non-ITDA areas.
  8. Employees below 50 years and employees who have not worked earlier at ITDA areas will be considered to work in ITDA areas.
  9. Priority will be given while filling the vacancies to the areas which are interior and backward with large number of vacancies.

Procedure for Transfers AP Govt Employees

Following are the procedure shall be followed at the while conducting transfers and posting of AP Government employees.

  1. Transfers and posting should be conducted be between 25th April 2017 to 24th May 2017, because of relaxation has been given these days by the AP Government.
  2. Transfers shall be done on the basis of performance based counselling in a transport manner.
  3. Department must undertake the transfers process in a transparent manner using IT application.
  4. Concerned department will be prepare a list of all employees who have completed five years at duty station before 2nd May 2017.
  5. Existing and potential vacancies category-wise should be displayed by 5th May 2017.
  6. Employees who submitted transfers applications may submit options from 5th May 2017 to 10th May 2017.
  7. Details of schedule for counselling for each category will be published by the competent authority.
  8. The process of counseling shall be stated from 15th May 2017 to 20th May 2017
  9. The vacancy position of employees and preferences will be exhibited in the concerned departmental website.
  10. The new allotted places will be displayed on the web portal on the day following the day of counseling.
  11. All transfer orders will be issued by the competent authority on or before 24th May 2017. The complete transfer process will be cease at 12 AM on 25th May 2017

Download AP GO 64 Lift of Ban on Transfers and Postings of AP Employees Certain Guidelines Click Here



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